Welcome to Serenity Alzheimer's & Dementia Training by Alicia Reid LLC. I am an Alzheimer's & Dementia Educator. I have been giving care for over 10+ years in Alzheimer's and Dementia. I have gained most of my experience from taking care of my granny, which resided home with family & me. Once I moved out, I dedicated myself to care for her every day until she died! 

I held her hand while she transited to Glory! This exposure gave me all the hands-on experience needed. I found out I love working with the elderly & being a caregiver. I have worked in Memory Care Units, I have worked in State Facilities. Also, I started off as a personal care Assistant, Respite Caregiver. Hospice Caregiver.

I have worked in every environment available. I have a total of 16 years in the caregiving world. My mission is to give you a "peace of mind." I want to offer my wisdom and experience to the caregivers, families, and the health professionals who need to be certified in Alzheimer's/Dementia. I want my students to feel equipped in the line of healthcare and to understand the Alzheimer's/Dementia client/patient. Lastly, to empathize with the client/patient and their families.